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How do we diagnose Vasculitis?

Patients with vasculitis learn that making the diagnosis is sometimes quite difficult. Many endure numerous doctors’ visits, tests, and hospitalizations before the pieces of the puzzle are assembled. The diagnosis of vasculitis usually requires a biopsy of an involved organ (skin, kidney, lung, nerve, temporal artery). This allows us to ‘see’ the vasculitis by looking under a microscope to see the inflammatory immune cells in the wall of the blood vessel. Although, making a diagnosis of vasculitis can be quite involved, this is very important for two main reasons:


What are the symptoms of vasculitis?

The symptoms of vasculitis depend on the particular blood vessels that are involved by the inflammatory process.

Different types of vasculitis involve blood vessels in characteristic locations throughout the body. For example, Giant Cell Arteritis typically involves the medium– to large–sized blood vessels supplying the head and neck, but rarely involves the blood vessels of the kidneys. In contrast, Wegener’s Granulomatosis (GPA) frequently involves the kidneys, very often the lungs, and almost always the upper respiratory tract, but rarely blood vessels to the brain. As depicted in the image below, Buerger’s disease involves the fingers and (toes). Gangrene can result from a profound lack of blood flow.

Information copy/paste from http://www.hopkinsvasculitis.org/vasculitis/symptoms-vasculitis/

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