Weekly Freebie & A quotes from Joe Mehl

A while ago, I found this site that sent you daily inspirational quotes to your email. There are some days I have no clue what to relate it to and there are some days it all makes sense.  The quote is my a guy named Joe Mehl, who? That’s what I said. I did a google search and I found a lot of interesting quotes from him but not much luck finding out the man behind the quote. Here are some interesting quote that some can relate to…

Quote: ” The only people I owe my loyalty to are the ones who never made me question theirs”

Quote: “Don’t waste, a good mistake”

Quote: “Failure to plan and prepare for the worst-case scenario = the worst case scenario. Train up be prepared.”

Quote: “Women’s intuition will win every time.”

Every Wednesday HungryJPG has a weekly freebie  – font! It’s a nice way to build up your font library. I had downloaded last weeks font called The Callpedia